be·gin·ner cro·chet  – /bəˈɡinər/krōˈSHā/  –  a craft pursued by creative individuals wanting to express themselves through yarn using a hook (of various sizes).  Said creative individual is destine to become obsessed and soon to take up secondary hobby of hoarding yarn for their next project.  All  their friends and family members should prepare to receive yarn related gifts. 

Gobelin Stitch Infinity Scarf – Free Tunisian Crochet Pattern

Sometimes a beautiful multi-colored yarn just needs a simple pattern to really showcase all the colors and textures.  I think this was the perfect choice for this particular colorway, however, I have also seen this stitch used to make many pieces in solid colors as well.  Finished pieces have a phenomenal “squish” factor using this stitch which makes it a great choice for scarves. For this pattern I used a worsted weight yarn I received in February from the Montana Mineral Yarn Club of which I am a member.  Each month the yarn colors are inspired by a mineral that

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